Research & the Environment Studio: Spring 2014

Client: Foundation Communities

Location: Rutledge Spur + 1604, Austin Texas

Parti Diagrams:

Rutedge Spur Community Center


The concept for this community hub was inspired by the cavern systems in the Austin area, including the popular Hamilton Pool. The caverns and the elements they contain represent the under-recognized resources of the Austin community. This speaks to the client because of their mission to provide affordable housing and resources to families in the Austin area that are struggling with poverty



The Floorplan features a playful wayfinding element throughout the space to guide the children who will be one of the largest user groups of this community center.

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Slide and drag the central bar on the plan below to view the interaction of the floor plan and ceiling design.


The ceiling  plan features linear lighting elements in the circulation spaces broken by pendant fixtures that highlight gathering points.


Natural daylighting was a consideration and the main entry features curtain walls to take advantage of the natural light. This entry space correlates to the idea of a collapsed cavern that is exposed to the surface, such as Hamilton Pool in Austin, and the unique interaction between cavern and surface.


The ceiling over the kitchen features dynamic suspended custom cedar panels with interspersed pendant bulb fixtures.